Discover Fresh Sounds with Us

Immerse yourself in a world of emerging local artists and established global favourites.

What we Bring

Explore our diverse range of musical experiences curated for both local talents and global favourites.


From local talents to global hits, experience a dynamic mix of music genres with us.


Get to know our talented DJs who curate live shows and mix the best underground beats.


Join our exclusive events providing a platform for budding artists to showcase their talent.

Our Radio Story

Portsmouth Underground Radio boasts extensive experience in the music industry, curating a diverse blend of emerging local talents and established global artists. Dedicated to elevating underground music culture, we offer a vibrant audio experience.

Why Choose Portsmouth Underground Radio?

Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of fresh sounds, local talent, and global favourites, creating a unique listening experience that transcends borders.

Diverse Music Mix

Experience a diverse mix of music genres, from underground tracks to global sensations, always keeping you entertained.

Local Talent Focus

We pride ourselves on highlighting and supporting emerging local talent, fostering a vibrant music scene in Portsmouth.

Join the Music Movement

Stay updated with the latest music trends, events, and more. Join us in elevating underground music culture.

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